Moon Craft Co is the meeting of woo and work. As a spirit/heart/soul based entrepreneur, you know that it is important to work in alignment and with (the overused word) authenticity. There are so many ways of doing this and at Moon Craft Co, we’ll do this together. The goal of Moon Craft Co is to make our work reflective of the best version of ourselves through easy to use tools and tips to get us there.

About the Moon Craft App

Moon Craft Co is the creator of our signature Moon Craft app found in the Apple App Store. The Moon Craft app brings a dash of woo and magic to your business every day.

Whether you are learning to connect to the lunar energy or you are a seasoned moon lover, Moon Craft will bring you just what you need. It was created for the woo woo entrepreneur who wants her business to flow in alignment with the moon phases. Each morning, you will receive a new note to help inspire your work for the day. While ruminating your daily note, you can capture your thoughts in the journal and export them at any time.

You will always be the center of your business. Moon Craft will simply illuminate your work whether it be a sign of which direction you should go in, validation of an idea or inspiration for a new way to market.

May the Moon be with you.