The moon is pretty fascinating. It is something that is in our lives, visible almost every night but most people do not think much of it. But our ancestors did. They revered the moon. They rejoiced the moon. They honored the moon.

The moon was something that helped them track what day it was. It also acted as a guide, indicating when they should do certain things.

Some cultures follow the lunar calendar. In East Asia, the fullest moon of the year called the Harvest Moon is celebrated during the Mid-Autumn Festival. And the Lunar New Year, aligned with the second New Moon after the December solstice, is often the biggest holiday for those following the lunar calendar.

Women have forever been tied to the moon. Our menstrual cycles were in tune with the lunar cycles. Our labors were in tune with the cycles. Even our farming was in tune with the cycles.

So, why not our businesses? Just as babies require a village, a business does as well. The moon can be a part of that village, one of our tools that helps us understand what best actions should be taken throughout the month. That’s why Moon Craft exists – to help you work in alignment with the moon.

Here is an overall gist of what each moon phase means:

New Moon: the end and start of the moon cycle; about new beginnings; a great time to rest, release old baggage and set intentions for the rest of the moon cycle

Waxing Crescent: boost of energy; time to take action; time of manifestation; great time for new projects; think of this as time to plant seeds/ideas/businesses/partnerships

First Quarter: make commitments to your goal; evaluate any challenges and pivot as necessary; stay focused; take action; seize opportunities; slowly gaining progress

Waxing Gibbous: time to edit and refine; may come across obstacles that test our faith; patience and determination will help you through this phase; refine and fine tune your action and goals; ask for assistance if needed

Full Moon: goals come to fruition! celebrate accomplishments; emotions may run wild and tension may build; assess achievements; get feedback from clients and colleagues’ grounding practices are helpful

Waning Gibbous: time for gratitude and giving back; sharing wisdom and abundance; about endings and letting things go; process accomplishments; time for introspection; better for monotonous work – not stimulating work like networking

Third Quarter: release and let go of anger and disappointments; declutter office and take care of odds and ends; great time to edit work; energy moving inward – more sensitive; good time to break routine and bad habits

Waning Crescent: reflect on what has happened to prepare for new moon and intentions during that time; rest and recuperate in solitude; surrender to the Universe; may be called to focus inwards; may feel anti-social; meditate; tune into intuition

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