Learn more about the Moon

Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace, and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon: A beautiful book by Ezzie Spencer on integrating the moon with your personal life and business – the title, Lunar Abundance, says it all. Learn more about Ezzie Spencer at lunarabundance.com.

Moon Magic: Your Complete Guide to Harnessing the Mystical Energy of the Moon: No doubt the moon is magical but you have no idea how magical until you dig into this book

More Woo for Your Business

Energy Muse – Crystals: The magic power of crystals can amplify your business performance and support you throughout the moon phases. Or get the Crystal Muse book (by Energy Muse) to expand your crystal knowledge   

Everyday Tarot: A fresh, modern approach to tarot, Everyday Tarot shows how this timeless practice can be your guide to an inspired life. Learn more about tarot at Biddy Tarot.


Business Support and Coaching

Women’s Holistic Business Academy: Bring your wellness business to the next level with support from the Women’s Holistic Business Academy. Founder, Elizabeth Beeds (also creator of Interior Wellness Magazine) supports women who are rising in their leadership and growing businesses in alignment with feminine, holistic values.

Being Boss: Kathleen and Shannon know what it means to build a business with a little woo; listen to their stellar podcast, join their membership site or read their best selling book, Being Boss


Business Tools

MailerLite: This is the email service I use for all of my hustles and projects. It is economical and still has all the fancy doo-dads that you may need. Plus, and very importantly, customer service is ultra-responsive and willing to help.


Siteground Domain & Hosting: Since learning about Siteground 4 years ago, I have never thought of changing hosting services. Above all, customer service is top notch, and they have helped me out of a lot of binds.


The New Moon Calendar Journal: If you are more a pen-and-paper-kinda-gal, you’ll flip over this beautiful journal that helps you align your inner and outworlds.


Women & The Moon

Whole Woman: Whole Woman is a moonly membership for any woman looking for support to end the patterns that no longer serve us and reconnect with spirit, the moon and all that makes us feel alive.


Fun Moon Stuff

Magical Levitating Moon Lamp: Illuminate your desk with this beautiful moon lamp

Your Moon Phase Jewelry: Commemorate a special date with jewelry and accessories customized with an image of the moon from the date you choose. Jewelry is hypoallergenic, lead free and made in the USA


There is so much more! Take a look at more of our favorites here


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